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Deep Pocket

A range of two flute cutters with extra length shanks for deep grooving and mortising. These long cutters need to be used with considerable care to avoid breakage. Take many small passes when slotting. When mortising, plunge down all over the area of the mortice, then clean out in stages down to the full depth.
All cutters have reduced necks for clearance, except T2125½ and T2126½, which do not need it.
N.B. It is very important that the shank of these long cutters is inserted fully into the collet. The cutters may extend through the base of the routing machine even in the fully up position.

Deep Pocket
Deep Pocket
Deep Pocket
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T2110 6.35mm15mm1/4"70mm20mm T2110
  • 12.00
T2111 6.35mm15mm1/4"85mm25mm T2111
  • 13.08
T2113-8 8.00mm15mm8mm80mm30mm T2113-8
  • 12.84
T2120-1/2 10.0mm20mm1/2"100mm35mm T2120-1/2
  • 17.04
T2121-1/2 12.0mm25mm1/2"120mm60mm T2121-1/2
  • 18.36
T2122-1/2 12.70mm25mm1/2"120mm40mm T2122-1/2
  • 18.36
T2125-1/2 16.00mm25mm1/2"120mm - T2125-1/2
  • 21.84
T2126-1/2 16.00mm25mm1/2"150mm - T2126-1/2
  • 23.16
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