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Spiral Planer

This cutterhead is manufactured from hard wearing light metal alloy and is suitable for planing and jointing in soft woods, hard woods and man-made board, including veneered and laminated material. May be used with a guide bearing or ring fence for planing and shaping curved work with a template. The 62mm diameter block is especially suitable for use on lighter machines. The staggered design of the carbide knives will leave slight witness lines on the workpiece.

Manufactured to EN847-1/2 - suitable for HAND FEEDING.

Spiral Planer
Spiral Planer
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  • Spiral Planer Thumbnail
SizeKnivesMaximum RPMPriceDetailsBuy
F258080 62mm80mm30mm1612000 F258080
  • 194.40
F258083 62mm80mm1-1/4"1612000 F258083
  • 194.40
F258100 80mm100mm30mm3012000 F258100
  • 295.92
F258103 80mm100mm1-1/4"3012000 F258103
  • 295.92
Replacement parts Replacement parts
F001014 TC knife 14x14x2 (single) F001014
  • 1.92
F002060 Countersunk Torx screw M5 x 8 (single) F002060
  • 2.58
F002100 Torx key T25 F002100
  • 4.20
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