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Panel Trim

Bottom bearing guided two flute cutter for trimming and profiling to a template. May also be used as a low cost trimmer for laminates, veneering, edge banding etc.
N.B. The cutter marked ## has a 6mm shank (NOT 1/4") - take care when ordering.

Spare bearings should be selected from this table and then ordered from the Bearings and Spares section of the catalogue.
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Panel Trim
Panel Trim
  • Panel Trim Thumbnail
  • Panel Trim Thumbnail
T8007B-6 6.00mm12mm6mm ##38mmTB311 T8007B-6
  • 11.52
T8010B 6.35mm12mm1/4"38mmTB250 T8010B
  • 18.12
no stock
T8012B 6.35mm25mm1/4"38mmTB250 T8012B
  • 11.88
T8013B 9.5mm25mm1/4"38mmTB380 T8013B
  • 14.04
no stock
T8014B-8 9.5mm25mm8mm38mmTB380 T8014B-8
  • 12.72
T8016B 12.7mm25mm1/4"38mmTB500 T8016B
  • 14.28
T8016B-1/2 12.7mm32mm1/2"40mmTB500 T8016B-1/2
  • 20.88
T8017A 12.7mm32mm1/4"30mmTB500 T8017A
  • 19.68
T8017B 12.7mm35mm1/4"38mmTB500 T8017B
  • 17.28
T8018B-1/2 12.7mm45mm1/2"40mmTB500 T8018B-1/2
  • 18.96
T8020B-1/2 19.0mm55mm1/2"40mmTB748 T8020B-1/2
  • 25.56
T8048B-1/2 19.0mm65mm1/2"40mmTB748 T8048B-1/2
  • 40.92
T8193B-8 24.0mm30mm8mm38mmTB875 T8193B-8
  • 27.72
T8194B-1/2 24.0mm30mm1/2"40mmTB875 T8194B-1/2
  • 34.92
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