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Jigsaw Blades Fitting C

A range of German-made jigsaw blades to guarantee professional results where high demands are made on tooth geometry, blade thickness, blade form and blade material. All blades are made of high carbon tool steel, except BJC16005, which is bi-metal.
Some blades are available in trade packs of 25 and 100 - see list below. Choose the correct blade for your application by using the selection guide link below.

Jigsaw Blades Fitting C
Jigsaw Blades Fitting C
  • Jigsaw Blades Fitting C Thumbnail
  • Jigsaw Blades Fitting C Thumbnail
Blade LengthTPIBosch or B&D ReferencePack QuantityPriceDetailsBuy
BJC03005 75mm8.5A50435 BJC03005
  • £4.80
BJC05005 50mm12.7A50335 BJC05005
  • £5.52
BJC08005 75mm10A50355 BJC08005
  • £7.44
BJC10005 75mm6.4-5 BJC10005
  • £5.76
BJC16005 60mm13-5 BJC16005
  • £15.12
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