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Auger Bit

A range of Auger Bits with 11mm hexagonal shanks, made of high grade carbon steel with a single flute and threaded centre point. Precision ground cutting spurs and unique step-in body design optimise speed and rapid chip removal. For drilling deep, clean holes in both hard and soft wood.

Auger Bit
Auger Bit
Auger Bit
Auger Bit
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DH1006 6.00mm150mm11mm hex235mm DH1006
  • £4.37
DH1008 8.00mm150mm11mm hex235mm DH1008
  • £5.45
DH1010 10.00mm150mm11mm hex235mm DH1010
  • £5.70
DH1013 13.00mm150mm11mm hex235mm DH1013
  • £6.85
DH1016 16.00mm140mm11mm hex235mm DH1016
  • £8.80
DH1019 19.00mm140mm11mm hex235mm DH1019
  • £9.90
DH1020 20.00mm140mm11mm hex235mm DH1020
  • £10.85
DH1022 22.00mm135mm11mm hex235mm DH1022
  • £12.10
DH1025 25.00mm130mm11mm hex235mm DH1025
  • £12.70
DH1032 32.00mm125mm11mm hex235mm DH1032
  • £21.05
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