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Famag Forstner Bits

A range of industrial quality forstner bits manufactured in Germany, which offer rapid drilling and material removal in softwood, hardwood, chipboard, MDF etc. Low heat development and therefore long life due to the new Bormax geometry of wave-form cutting teeth, two main cutting edges and brad point. Hexagonal shank.

Famag Forstner Bits
Famag Forstner Bits
  • Famag Forstner Bits Thumbnail
  • Famag Forstner Bits Thumbnail
A (mm)A (inch)BC (hex)DPriceDetailsBuy
DN0013 13-90mm8mm58mm DN0013
  • £24.53
DN0015 15-90mm8mm58mm DN0015
  • £24.72
DN0019 19-90mm8mm58mm DN0019
  • £29.09
DN0022 22-90mm9mm58mm DN0022
  • £34.32
DN0045 45-90mm10mm58mm DN0045
  • £66.37
DN0050 50-90mm10mm58mm DN0050
  • £73.66
no stock
DN0054 54-90mm10mm58mm DN0054
  • £110.76
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