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Bench Stone

These bench stones are available in various sizes and and have a substantial 6.3mm thick metal back plate. They come complete with a leather storage pouch. A stone holder is available with non-slip rubber feet to provide stable support when using the sharpening stone. Dimensions show the diamond sharpening area.

What's special about EZE-LAP diamond sharpeners?
Made in the USA using a patented process that traps the diamond particles in a hard stainless alloy. This process produces a consistent, flat, long-lasting product that has approximately 40% more diamond cutting area than the perforated type. There is no need to use any water when sharpening with EZE-LAP products but the diamond faces benefit from an occasional de-clogging with soap and water and a scrubbing brush.
Fine grade is fast cutting and suitable for most honing operations
Ideal for carbide cutters, planer knives and all types of cutting tools.
All bench stones are 6.3mm thick and supplied complete with a leather pouch.X
Bench Stone
SL014 150mm50mmFine SL014
  • 30.24
SL015 150mm50mmMedium SL015
  • 35.40
SL018 200mm50mmSuperfine SL018
  • 39.72
SL019 200mm50mmFine SL019
  • 39.72
SL020 200mm50mmMedium SL020
  • 57.60
SL023 200mm75mmFine SL023
  • 57.48
SL024 200mm75mmMedium SL024
  • 68.04
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