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Bead and Edge Radius

These two flute cutters produce a full radius bead for rounding over edges and decorative work, as the illustration below. They do not cut on the top or bottom of the cutter, so will not cut grooves. Typical uses include table tops, sideboards, shelves, stair nosings etc. The cutter can also be used to produce a bead with a single or double quirk. Bearing kits are available to fit in the bottom of these cutters, click the link below for details.
CUTTERS T2525½ and T2526½ SHOULD BE USED AT 16,000 rpm MAXIMUM.

Bearing kits should be selected from this table and then ordered from the Bearings and Spares section of the catalogue.
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Bead and Edge Radius
Bead and Edge Radius
Bead and Edge Radius
  • Bead and Edge Radius Thumbnail
  • Bead and Edge Radius Thumbnail
  • Bead and Edge Radius Thumbnail
T2520 6.0mm20mm1/4"38mm20mm T2520
  • 19.68
T2519 8.0mm20mm1/4"38mm22mm T2519
  • 20.64
T2519-1/2 8.0mm20mm1/2"40mm22mm T2519-1/2
  • 19.80
T2521 10.0mm20mm1/4"38mm24mm T2521
  • 22.56
T2521-1/2 10.0mm20mm1/2"40mm28mm T2521-1/2
  • 22.56
T2522 12.0mm20mm1/4"38mm26mm T2522
  • 26.16
T2522-1/2 12.0mm20mm1/2"40mm30mm T2522-1/2
  • 26.16
T2523-8 16.0mm30mm8mm38mm32mm T2523-8
  • 22.93
T2523-1/2 16.0mm30mm1/2"40mm32mm T2523-1/2
  • 31.56
T2524-1/2 20.0mm35mm1/2"40mm36mm T2524-1/2
  • 33.72
T2525-1/2 25.0mm40mm1/2"40mm43mm T2525-1/2
  • 41.04
T2526-1/2 32.0mm46mm1/2"40mm48mm T2526-1/2
  • 46.80
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