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Grooving cutters for arbor mounting. All have 1/4 inch bore, and sizes up to 4mm have two wings, whilst above this size they are four wing. These cutters give a fast cutting rate and fine surface finish. They may be used with guide bearings, selected from the table (click Guide Bearings...), to control the depth of cut. They may also be used without bearings in conjunction with a router fence. Uses include grooving, trimming, rabbeting etc. A groove in conjunction with a false tongue provides a rapid and strong method of joining boards etc.
The six wing groover (T5380) is particularly suitable for use in the production of decorative boxes, where this cutter in conjunction with the long arbor T3030½ may be used to separate the lid from the box with minimal figure loss.
N.B. These groovers will need an arbor to mount them on, as they are not supplied with an arbor. Any arbor which suits 1/4 inch bore cutters will be satisfactory.

Guide bearings should be selected from this table and then ordered from the Bearings and Spares section of the catalogue.
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T5415 1.5mm40mm1/4"13.6mm max2 T5415
  • £14.28
T5420 2.0mm40mm1/4"13.6mm max2 T5420
  • £15.48
T5425 2.5mm40mm1/4"13.6mm max2 T5425
  • £14.52
no stock
T5430 3.0mm40mm1/4"13.6mm max2 T5430
  • £17.52
T5442 4.0mm40mm1/4"13.6mm max2 T5442
  • £18.12
T5440 4.0mm40mm1/4"13.6mm max4 T5440
  • £20.40
T5450 5.0mm40mm1/4"13.6mm max4 T5450
  • £20.76
T5460 6.0mm40mm1/4"13.6mm max4 T5460
  • £21.72
no stock
T5464 6.4mm40mm1/4"13.6mm max4 T5464
  • £22.32
T5480 8.0mm40mm1/4"13.6mm max4 T5480
  • £23.52
T5495 9.5mm40mm1/4"13.6mm max4 T5495
  • £24.84
T5410 10.0mm40mm1/4"13.6mm max4 T5410
  • £24.84
no stock
T5380 1.5mm60mm1/4"23.6mm max6 T5380
  • £38.04
no stock
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