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8mm Shank

A range of straight cutters in 8mm shank. These general purpose cutters are suitable for grooving, dadoing, rabbeting etc. Please note the comments in the "using the router" section under the "Safe Use" menu item. Particular care should be taken when using long series cutters. All sizes are suitable for plunge cutting, with sizes above 9mm diameter having an additional centre carbide tip to ensure a faster and cleaner cut when plunging. When selecting cutters always choose the shortest cutter that will give the depth you require. Shorter bits cut cleaner with less noise and give a longer life.

Our straight cutter range has prefix and suffix codes which indicate the type of cutter as shown.X
8mm Shank
8mm Shank
8mm Shank
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  • 8mm Shank Thumbnail
  • 8mm Shank Thumbnail
A (mm)A (inch)BCDPriceDetailsBuy
T1105M 5.00.19711mm8mm38mm T1105M
  • 12.72
T1106M 6.015/6419mm8mm38mm T1106M
  • 10.20
T1106S 6.015/6420mm8mm55mm T1106S
  • 27.24
T1106.4M 6.31/419mm8mm38mm T1106.4M
  • 10.20
T1107M 7.09/3219mm8mm38mm T1107M
  • 10.92
T1108M 8.05/1619mm8mm38mm T1108M
  • 10.92
TX1108M 8.05/1632mm8mm38mm TX1108M
  • 12.48
T1108.5M 8.521/6419mm8mm38mm T1108.5M
  • 11.04
T1109M 9.00.35520mm8mm38mm T1109M
  • 11.04
T1109.5M 9.53/820mm8mm38mm T1109.5M
  • 11.16
T1110M 10.025/6420mm8mm38mm T1110M
  • 11.16
TX1110M 10.025/6438mm8mm38mm TX1110M
  • 14.88
no stock
T1112M 12.015/3220mm8mm38mm T1112M
  • 11.28
no stock
TL1112M 12.015/3220mm8mm55mm TL1112M
  • 12.24
T1113M 13.033/6425mm8mm38mm T1113M
  • 12.60
T1114M 14.035/6425mm8mm38mm T1114M
  • 14.04
T1115M 15.019/3225mm8mm38mm T1115M
  • 14.04
T1116M 16.05/825mm8mm38mm T1116M
  • 14.40
T1117M 17.043/6425mm8mm38mm T1117M
  • 15.12
T1118M 18.045/6425mm8mm38mm T1118M
  • 15.12
T1119M 19.03/425mm8mm38mm T1119M
  • 15.60
T1120M 20.025/3225mm8mm38mm T1120M
  • 16.80
T1121M 21.053/6425mm8mm38mm T1121M
  • 17.16
T1122M 22.055/6425mm8mm38mm T1122M
  • 17.28
T1124M 24.061/6425mm8mm38mm T1124M
  • 19.20
T1125M 25.063/6425mm8mm38mm T1125M
  • 19.68
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