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Drill Bit + Holder

These HSS drill bits are gripped by a spring steel collet into the hex shaft. The hex shanks snap into the Quick Chuck.

Drill Bit + Holder
DescriptionTrend No.PriceDetailsBuy
D-D/2 Snappy 1/16 Drill and HolderSNAP/D/2 D-D/2
  • £5.17
no stock
D-D/3 Snappy 3/32 Drill and HolderSNAP/D/3 D-D/3
  • £4.80
D-D/4 Snappy 1/8 Drill and HolderSNAP/D/4 D-D/4
  • £4.94
D-D/5 Snappy 5/32 Drill and HolderSNAP/D/5 D-D/5
  • £5.17
D-D/6 Snappy 3/16 Drill and HolderSNAP/D/6 D-D/6
  • £4.94
D-D/7 Snappy 7/32 Drill and HolderSNAP/D/7 D-D/7
  • £5.71
D-D/8 Snappy 1/4 Drill and HolderSNAP/D/8 D-D/8
  • £6.62
D-D/1MM Snappy 1mm Drill and HolderSNAP/D/1MM D-D/1MM
  • £5.45
D-D/2MM Snappy 2mm Drill and HolderSNAP/D/2MM D-D/2MM
  • £5.45
D-D/3MM Snappy 3mm Drill and HolderSNAP/D/3MM D-D/3MM
  • £5.45
D-D/4MM Snappy 4mm Drill and HolderSNAP/D/4MM D-D/4MM
  • £5.45
D-D/5MM Snappy 5mm Drill and HolderSNAP/D/5MM D-D/5MM
  • £5.45
D-D/6MM Snappy 6mm Drill and HolderSNAP/D/6MM D-D/6MM
  • £5.58
D-D/7MM Snappy 7mm Drill and HolderSNAP/D/7MM D-D/7MM
  • £6.73
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